Pro D3 srl

beyond the horizon

Pro D3 srl is an Italian company founded in 2005 as a design studio, dedicating its resources to the development of solutions connected to the energy supply needs in relation with renewable energy sources.

Since 2008 Pro D3 designs, manufactures and installs photovoltaic and thermal solar turnkey plants.
In June 2010, the Pro D3 made the first prototype of a Mobile Photovoltaic Generator, designed and patented by its engineers. In 2011 was made a pre-production series of the generator, used for experiments and improvement of the product.


In 2012, the patent was extended to more than 60 countries around the world including: Europe, Australia, Canada, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, USA, and Pro D3 has finalized investment in the production, promotion and marketing of the first iKube.

iKube is a Mobile photovoltaic generator ready to use, that can ensure up to 3 kW of power.

Designed for the purpose of providing electrical power, in all those areas of the globe not covered by a grid connection and for all uses that require to be able to move its own source of energy. iKube can also operate in the absence of sunshine, offering the advantage of compactness, absence of noise, absence of smoke and absence of fuel costs.

During 2012 the iKube is presented and distributed in many countries of the world, in collaboration with local companies who also provide assistance to the customer.

In 2013 Pro D3 signs three agreements for the exploitation of patent rights, production and marketing of iKube in India, China and the United States.

In 2014 Pro D3 widens the range of products and today is able to provide a broad spectrum of renewable energy solutions for many different applications.